bargain flea market shopping tips

Everyone wants a deal no matter what you’re purchasing. I guess if you are rich and money is no object it wouldn’t matter. But for the majority of the population most are looking for a bargain.
Flea Markets are a great place to spend the day. You can shop for hours and go through much different type of booths that sell all sorts of things. Many times the same vendors will be there week after week, but sometimes there are new ones that open up. They all typically have new stock and great bargains however.
Some vendors stick to new products others focus on used stuff. Flea market bargains are usually aplenty as the sellers want to move stock to make room for new things. You can find anything from toys, tool, clothing, preserves, and even pets.
Depending on where you go, most flea markets are quite big so you want to make sure you have good shoes on as you will be doing a lot of walking. It is also a good idea that you are prepared for the elements if the market is outdoors. Most good sized flea markets will have push carts but some do not. It is best to call and if needed bring your own. Or you may take a chance and find a seller that sells the fold up style. A good tip that an old flea market pro gave me once, was to start at the back of the market and work your way to the front. This will ensure that you get to see all the products and bargains first.
When to find the best bargains depends a bit on who you ask. Many people will tell you that shop owners or vendors will not provide bargains until later in the day as they want to ensure a profit and may not have had a good day. Others will say that the deals are in the morning as they want to ensure that they make the quota in dollars to cover their own costs right away. Either way you should be able to find excellent bargains when shopping at a flea market.
That last bit of advice that is good to know is to always have cash on you. Most flea markets vendors do not accept debit or credit cards. And if you have cash you can always dicker a bit on the price. Just make sure that you have the amount you want to spend on the item in your hand. The vendor will have a hard time turning away cash.